Resilience Fair on March 12th - Are you coming too?

Rising energy costs, loneliness among The Hague's elderly, inequality, digital crime, but also climate and weather extremes. How do we keep our beautiful city livable against these challenges? This calls for increasing the resilience of the city and its residents. But how do you do that? Come see and experience it at the Resilience Fair on March 12th in the Noorderbeekdwarsstraat!

In the coming months, the Resilience team of the municipality will focus on one street to increase its resilience: the Noorderbeekdwarsstraat in Segbroek. This street safeguards the diversity of the city, with a balanced mix of various amenities, proportion of owner-occupied and rental housing, origin and ethnicity of residents and diverse backgrounds. In short: the Noorderbeekdwarsstraat is The Hague in miniature.

Do we manage to increase resilience? If so, that gives us valuable information about how we can make the city as a whole more resilient. We do this together with residents and partners in the city. Among others, the police, the safety region, residents' initiatives, entrepreneurs and sustainability and welfare organizations are involved.

We kick off on March 12th with a Resilience Fair. At this fair several stands will be present in the Noorderbeekdwarsstraat that contribute to urban resilience. From 11:00 - 14:00 there will be several stalls on the Newtonplein and Kamerlingh Onnesplein in Segbroek providing information on urban resilience. Besides information there is also plenty of room for fun, music and more!

Are you coming too?!

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