The Hague Cyber Resilience Community Platform

To ensure our communities and businesses’ preparedness for inevitable cyber attacks, this platform promotes sharing up-to-date information on cyber security and ensures that we reflect on and learn from past experiences.

Nations, cities, municipalities and businesses world-wide are experiencing cyber attacks at an increasing rate. As cyberattack methods are continually evolving, one of the major challenges is to quickly provide relevant and accurate information. With attack methods becoming more sophisticated, implementing effective cybersecurity measures is also increasingly costly, particularly for smaller organisations with limited resources. Private-public partnerships are an essential part of the solution in this dynamic environment. While large organisations have their own ICT department or are supported by the National Cyber Security Center, SMEs and citizens sometimes are not well enough informed about how to increase their digital resilience. There is a need for an improved exchange of information on cyber security, to improve preparedness and response to a cybe rattack. The Hague Cyber Resilience Community Platform will explore what is needed to improve the cyber security of organisations and citizens in The Hague with a focus on improved information exchange. The outcome will be resources that not only boost the cyber security of an organisation, but also will decrease the cost of acquiring this information.Through additional research we will ensure that this platform meets the needs of the target groups. We will learn from other cities in the G5 Smart City network, in which The Hague takes the lead in the Safety and Security topic.

Lead: Municipality of The Hague: RTH, CIO Office, DPS and Economic Department

Potential partners: HSD, TU Delft, University of Applied Science InHolland, HHS, Economic Board The Hague, NCSC, VNG-IBD, Fox-IT, G5 Smart City-network and others.

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