Building a network of cyber resilient cities worldwide

An exchange platform between cities in the 100RC Network on cyber resilience.

Cities around the world increasingly face rapidly changing cyber threats. To facilitate an open dialogue of lessons learned and share expertise, The Hague will develop an exchange platform between cities in the 100RC Network on cyber resilience.

Developing more sophisticated technology is not enough to be cyber resilient. As so many cities are facing cyber threats, exchanging expertise and knowledge is essential to keep up with new developments in this field.

At the One Conference of the National Cyber Security Center in The Hague in 2018, The Hague, Atlanta and Greater Manchester exchanged experiences on digital resilience. It reinforced the urgent need to cooperate and learn from each other’s experiences.

To facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience on cyber resilience, RTH has initiated an online cyber security group for cities in the 100RC network. This group will post news, have online and face to face meetings, and identify ways to effectively share network expertise beyond the 100RC cities. The platform also serves as a hub for cyber security experts, so that they know who to approach in the event of a cyber incident.

This expertise will also feed into the G5 Smart City network in which The Hague has the lead for Safety and Security.

City of The Hague: RTH, CIO office, DSO

100RC, cities of Atlanta, Greater Manchester, Cape Town, Washington DC, Singapore, and others who are interested, G5 Smart Cities network, VNG

When and how?

  • In 2018 Resilient The Hague created an online group on the 100RC community platform.
  • In 2019, RTH will be sharing news monthly, and will organize educational webinars and meetings.


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