Neighbourhood Groene Mient

There are 33 owner-occupied houses in the neighbourhood Groene Mient in The Hague around a communal courtyard. The residents jointly bought the land from the municipality and developed the district itself.

The social-ecological housing project Groene Mient consists of 33 (private) sustainable homes on a piece of land of 7600 m2 on the Mient in the Vruchtenbuurt in The Hague, in a green environment and close to the sea. The common social and ecological values ​​of the Groene Mient Association are the guiding principles of the joint housing project. The residential project is designed according to a joint architectural design, but within it each home differs according to the wishes of the individual households. The houses surround a shared ecological garden, which also includes a common building as a meeting space.

Energy self-sufficiency, use of non-fossil fuels, innovative technology, natural and sustainable materials, reuse of materials and water, and accessible and flexible homes are important elements in the construction of the housing project.

Groene Mient is the first CPO (Collective Private Commissioning) in The Hague that has realized such a large social and ecological housing project in The Hague.

Read more about the housing project on the website of Groene Mient (in Dutch).

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