Exploring how we can help fathers signal, prevent and counter radicalisation

Building on lessons learned from successful programmes in our city, this initiative explores how fathers can be part of the collective effort to prevent radicalisation.

A growing body of literature suggests that approaches to de-radicalisation are more powerful when multiple parties work together. The Hague is home to several of those multi-stakeholder collaborations, including one aimed at strengthening mothers to prevent, signal, and counter radicalisation. The idea is that mothers are often one of the first to notice if a child becomes susceptible to extremist ideologies. Mothers can also play an important role in restoring and/or strengthening the the bonds between children and the The Hague society. This reasoning may also apply to fathers. However, The Hague currently has no similar initiative aimed at this group. They too could be helped with knowledge and tools to encourage proactive and appropriate responses to the signs of radicalisation.

Helping fathers may come with different challenges and require a different approach than working with mothers. To ensure any new programme is evidence-based, the City of The Hague will support a study into the opportunities, barriers and success factors of an initiative aimed at fathers.

Lead and Partners: City of the Hague (RTH and DPS)

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