Resilience training for the municipality of The Hague

The Hague and Rotterdam jointly developed a resilience training for professionals. The resilience teams of The Hague and Rotterdam are pushing hard to boost the resilience of their cities and region. In order to have more impact, it is important that resilience ideas and methods are embraced by the entire municipal organization and also by external parties througout our cities. That is why The Hague and Rotterdam, following the example of Melbourne, have designed a resilience training for professionals to embed resilience thinking into their everyday work.

The training in a nutshell

The goal of the training is to motivate and equip participants to make both their own work and the city more resilient.

To achieve this goal, The Hague and Rotterdam designed a four hour course that consists of the following 5 elements:

  1. Resilience 101: An explanation of what resilience is and why it is important for cities to increase their resilience.

  2. Resilience Frontrunners: A panel discussion with people who share inspiring examples of how they already apply resilience in their work.

  3. Shocks and Stresses: An interactive exercise in which participants assess how shocks and stresses affect the city and also their own work.

  4. Resilience opportunities: Participants are challenged to explore how they can contribute from their own position and activities to the resilience opportunities of our city.

  5. Resilience Qualities: The participants receive an introduction to the seven resilience qualities (flexibility, inclusiveness, integration, reflectiveness, redundancy, robustness and resourcefulness). Subsequently they identify actions with which they can incorporate these qualities into their work and projects.


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Lead: RTH, Resilient Rotterdam, BSD Leadership

Partners: 100RC

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