Weekend and Summer Schools

By promoting equality of opportunity, weekend and summer schools help to unlock all the potential in our youth.

One of The Hague’s top educational ambitions is to offer all children – regardless of their background – the opportunity to get the best out of themselves during their entire education. Parents, schools, programs on pre-schooling and early childhood education and extracurricular initiatives all play important roles.

The Hague is home to several weekend and summer schools and so-called neighbourhood universities. Some offer extra lessons in language and math skills, while others aim to broaden children’s horizons by letting them discover their talents and expand their world (meeting people, seeing places).

Weekend schools, summer schools and neighbourhood universities promote the equality of opportunity for children and contribute to the social capital of our city. The Hague will continue to look for other opportunities and initiatives that link to these objectives.

Several weekend- and summer schools, neighbourhood universities, primary and secondary schools.


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