2021 is the Year of The Roof in The Hague

This year the city of The Hague wants to maximise the sustainability potential of its rooftops. By showing citizens what is possible on their own rooftops ‘The Year of the Roof’ contributes to a climate and resilient city.

The Year of the Roof aims to activate and accelerate the potential of all unused roofs in the city to become more sustainable. The possibilities for improvement are endless, ranging from green roofs and rooftop gardens to solar panels, and painting roofs white. In this way we all work towards a climate neutral city in 2030.

How will this be achieved?

The Year of the Roof inspires and activates residents and companies to make their roofs more sustainable, by focussing on the many advantages of a sustainable and climate-adaptive roof and by helping them in execution.  The Year of the Roof aims to reach not only the already active group of people who are already engaged, but the goal is to involve everyone in The Hague. That’s why the Municipality offers a wide range of activities and resources for the rest of the year.

There is a team of roofcoaches that is available to advise and guide people who want to explore the potential of their roofs. What is possible from a technical standpoint? What kind of subsidies are available? The roofcoaches are there to answer any of these types of questions.

With the “roof of the month” The Hague selects the city’s frontrunners that have already transformed their roofs and puts them in the spotlight. And, several webinars about green roofs and solar panels will be hosted.

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More information can be found via the link: https://duurzamestad.denhaag.nl/jaarvanhetdak/


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