Adapting to climate change

The sea level is rising and the climate risks due to extreme weather such as heat waves, heavy rainfall and drought, are increasing. There is consensus among the scientific community that our planet is warming. Of course we have been addressing these challenges in many ways. As a resident of or entrepreneur in The Hague you can also make a contribution. By realising multiple benefits, some of the best climate proofing interventions contribute to the quality of our city on every day of the year.


Identify and mitigate risks from interdependent critical services

The Hague’s critical infrastructure is highly connected. Without the proper precautions, a disruption of one service can lead to failure in other services. By collaboratively identifying the interdependencies between critical infrastructure, stakeholders in our region will be able to take practical, evidence-based steps to improve the robustness and flexibility of critical service delivery.

Connecting communities and experts to improve and target risk communication

Risks are experienced and prioritised differently across our society. Communication aimed at increasing risk awareness and emergency preparedness should therefore be tailored to specific neighbourhood characteristics. This initiative provides a platform that connects communities and experts to achieve mutual benefits: increased awareness ,better preparedness, and improved risk communication techniques.

Assessing climate interventions with most impact

Informed decision-making is increasingly challenging in a complex city system faced by climate change threats. By piloting a new tool to assess which climate adaptation solutions are most effective in different neighbourhoods, the City will be able to maximise the benefits of interventions.

‘Breaking stones’ and greening The Hague

By reducing the amount of street tiles and trading them for plants, the city will be more robust against extreme weather events.

Tiny Forest

Small new green spaces delivering health and wellbeing benefits in The Hague.

Urban Water Buffer

Innovation to tackle the challenges of flooding and secure the fresh water supply.

Developing cooler, greener schoolyards across the city

Green schoolyards for better learning environments and for adapting our city to climate change.

Increasing the number of green roofs

The City of the Hague provides financial support for new green roofs.

Believing in Green

The Initiatives of Change is committed to connect Hindus, Christians and Muslims in The Hague to the theme of sustainability.

Neighbourhood Groene Mient

There are 33 owner-occupied houses in the neighbourhood Groene Mient in The Hague around a communal courtyard. The residents jointly bought the land from the municipality and developed the district itself.

The sun shines for ADO

Collecting and storing solar energy make the Cars Jeans Stadium the greenest in the Netherlands

Sand motor

The Sand Motor is a unique experiment by the province of Zuid-Holland and Rijkswaterstaat to defend the Hague coast.

More green in the city for climate adaptation

In The Hague we constantly work on becoming climate ready: making sure that climate change effects such as heavy rain, drought and heat periods can be tackled.

Integrate resilience and climate adaptation into tender procedures

The decisions we make in projects now will have consequences for decades to come. Making climate adaptation part of every (re)development enables our built environment to become robust when faced with extreme weather.

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