We want to hear your ideas

To make the city even more resilient, we welcome new ideas from all those involved in the Hague community. Together with you we like to work for a strong city! We want to get in contact with you. We organize events, workshops, speak during conferences and provide training on resilience. Every year we will organize a "resilience day" to exchange information about the implementation of the strategy.

This website and the Futureproof The Hague network regularly provide updates on the program. Futureproof The Hague was set up to allow people in the city to actively participate in thinking about themes and projects in the areas of sustainability, smart cities, mobility and resilience. Members of the community can post blogs, share activities, organize meet-ups and inspire each other on the website Futureproof The Hague. On the website there is also an interactive map on which initiatives about the various themes can be seen and where people can also post their own initiatives and ideas. Become a member of the Futureproof community and tell us what your ideas are to make The Hague a strong and resilient city. We look forward to welcoming you to the community!

Don’t want to become a member of futureproof, but just raise a question or make a comment? Use the form to contact the Resilient The Hague Team.

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