1 July 2022

Resilience in communications. Do you already have smoke detectors installed?

Smoke detectors are now mandatory. Smoke detectors save lives, because smoke is the number one cause of death in house fires. They alert you in time, so that you can safely escape from a burning house and alert the emergency services. That is why smoke detectors will be mandatory everywhere in the Netherlands as of today 1 July.
21 June 2022

Resiliently dealing with emergencies. Smoke detectors save lives. It can save your life and those of your loved ones!

In recent years, The Hague has been rocked by several house fires. Unfortunately even a few times with a fatal outcome, which is terrible. We would prefer never to experience this again. It is vital that every resident is aware of the fire hazard. And that the houses in the city are as fireproof as possible. But if things do go wrong and a fire breaks out, it is just as important that you can safely escape from the burning house. That prevents victims. That is why smoke detectors are mandatory everywhere in the Netherlands from 1 July 2022. Even though this device is small, it is indispensable… it saves lives!
17 June 2022

Unveiling mural at the end of the week of resilience at special education primary school de Bonte Vlinder in Segbroek

The Week of Resilience is concluded with a beautiful mural on the basketball court. The children had made drawings about the resilience we need to deal with global warming. The basketball court has now become a unique place, cheerful, playful and educational. Alderman Hilbert Bredemeijer and district director Annette de Graaf came to admire the artwork!
16 June 2022

Leerlingen maken de straat groener met geveltuinen en eetbare planten in de week van de veerkracht bij speciaal onderwijs basisschool de Bonte Vlinder in Segbroek

Leerlingen krijgen uitleg over planten, bloemen en eetbare planten van Duurzaam Den Haag en gaan aan de slag met het planten van biologische vaste planten als kruiden en vaste planten. Ze zijn enthousiast, vertellen over hun eigen tuin en de tuin van opa.  
16 June 2022

Les over klimaat en Water in de week van de veerkracht bij speciaal onderwijs basisschool de Bonte Vlinder in Segbroek

Bij de demonstratie van de watertafel zien de leerlingen hoe wateroverlast ontstaat, waar het water heengaat. Wat gebeurt er bij een tuin met veel groen of met veel stenen. Hoe de leerlingen zelf ook wat kunnen betekenen om samen met de gemeente ervoor te zorgen dat wateroverlast en hitte opgelost worden.
15 June 2022

Verduurzamen en isoleren in de week van de veerkracht bij speciaal onderwijs basisschool de Bonte Vlinder in Segbroek

In een workshop 'Samen op weg naar een duurzame stad met schone energie' hebben de leerlingen producten gezien waarmee woningen kunnen worden geïsoleerd, welke voordelen LED-lampen opleveren. We hebben het gehad over douchetijd van maximaal 5 minuten, deze te klokken met een zandloper, een waterbesparende douchekop.
14 June 2022

Guest lessons call 112 during the week of resilience at the special education primary school De Bonte Vlinder in Segbroek.

Today the students learned what the Red Cross does. What are the 4 most important steps in providing assistance? When you do call 112 and when you don't. The students were curious and various stories emerged about accidents that they experienced themselves or in their environment. Everyone was able to tell us what the Red Cross does, and we also talked about how to help in the event of an accident.
13 June 2022

Week of resilience at the special education primary school De Bonte Vlinder Segbroek. Strong, resilient and resilient as a person and city! How do you achieve that?

Cities grow. By 2050, 70% of the world's population will live in cities (source: UN). But cities around the world increasingly face complex and difficult-to-solve challenges. Think of: climate change, digital transformation, loneliness, rising energy costs and inequality. These challenges are not only complex, but also reinforce each other. This complicates the solution. But all these problems, how do they relate to each other? And how do we ensure that we can still enjoy living in the city in the future? To achieve this, we need to create a city that is resilient and resilient. With residents who are strong, resilient and resilient. A city that can take a beating, but can also adapt when necessary. The municipality's Resilience team started a trial in January together with the residents, school and care home of Noorderbeekdwarsstraat. How do you make a street more resilient? What works, and what doesn't?
12 June 2022

Inspiration session 'Working together for a resilient The Hague' Noorderbeekdwarsstraat as an example for resilience and resilience

In the Noorderbeekdwarsstraat, residents, the police, a school and the municipality set to work with resilience. On June 27, we will tell about the first results of this experiment and discuss the results together on the basis of a number of questions. What's going well? What could be better? How do we work together more effectively? And can we see this experiment as an example for other projects in The Hague?
11 June 2022

The Noorderbeekdwarsstraat in Motion pilot is successful and will be extended!

Together a more resilient and resilient The Hague, realizing an active and healthy society in which everyone participates. In the month of May, together with residents, the Segbroek district and Haaglanden Beweegt, we started various sports and game activities in the Noorderbeekdwarsstraat. Exercise is good, fun and connects, this is also apparent at the Kamerlingh Onnesplein in The Hague, where people are working together on a connected street.
4 June 2022

A good conversation in the Resilience office at Kamerlingh Onnesplein in Segbroek about subsidies, insulation, green roofs, solar panels, energy transition and much more!

You have known for a long time that you have lost a lot of money on your energy bill. With smart measures you can save a lot of euros per month. Hou van je Huis is happy to help you on your way and offers a wide range of advice, services and discounts (subsidies) for tenants, landlords and owners of an apartment or family home. Curious?
24 May 2022

What is needed to increase the resilience of Noorderbeekdwarsstraat and its residents?

In January we started the Resilience StreetLab together with residents and the Segbroek district. This has led to some nice actions. For example, new colorful facade gardens have now been laid out in the Noorderbeekdwarsstraat. Because more green is pleasant and it helps against flooding and cools down in extreme heat. We will be working on three other actions in the coming months (until June).
5 May 2022

Noorderbeekdwarsstraat in motion!

In May and June we move with anyone who wants to at Kamerlingh Onnesplein in The Hague. Because exercise is good, fun and connects.
28 April 2022

Noorderbeekdwarsstraat moving together with the Resilience Streetlab

Cities across the planet have to deal with growing societal challenges, as does The Hague. Rising energy costs, a housing shortage, loneliness amongst the elderly, digital crime and weather extremes due to a changing climate. How do we keep our city liveable? To offer a solution to these problems, the city of The Hague is working on the ‘resilience’ of the city. This means the city wants to prevent any future challenges and setbacks, to overcome these challenges or adapt to them when it goes wrong. The Hague aims to so by treating the challenges that it is facing as part of one big challenge, involving the city’s inhabitants in the solution.
27 April 2022

Sign up for a beautiful façade garden?! On 14 May it is the 2nd round action façade gardens in the Noorderbeekdwarsstraat

It's time for the second round! On April 9th we have already laid out a lot of beautiful façade gardens in the Noorderbeekdwarsstraat. We will do so again on 14 May.
21 April 2022

Increase resilience of the Noorderbeekdwarsstraat in Segbroek

On Saturday the 9th of April, the construction of facade gardens throughout the street started in collaboration with Duurzaam Den Haag, District Segbroek and residents. Facade gardens help the street to better withstand heavy rain, as well as other consequences of climate change.
5 April 2022

How do we make The Hague a resilient city?

Cities across the planet have to deal with growing societal challenges, as does The Hague. Rising energy costs, a housing shortage, loneliness amongst the elderly, digital crime and weather extremes due to a changing climate. How do we keep our city liveable? To offer a solution to these problems, the city of The Hague is working on the ‘resilience’ of the city. This means the city wants to prevent any future challenges and setbacks, to overcome these challenges or adapt to them when it goes wrong. The Hague aims to so by treating the challenges that it is facing as part of one big challenge, involving the city’s inhabitants in the solution.
4 March 2022

Resilience Fair on March 12th - Are you coming too?

Rising energy costs, loneliness among The Hague's elderly, inequality, digital crime, but also climate and weather extremes. How do we keep our beautiful city livable against these challenges? This calls for increasing the resilience of the city and its residents. But how do you do that? Come see and experience it at the Resilience Fair on March 12th in the Noorderbeekdwarsstraat!
3 March 2022

Having a conversation together about urban resilience - March 3rd, 2022

As a city, we face many different and difficult challenges. Think of water and heat issues due to a changing climate, digital fraud and crime, rising energy costs and loneliness. All these challenges demand that we as residents, but also as a city, are resilient and can take a beating! But how do you do that?
10 January 2022

Resilience Streetlab: a resilient Noorderbeekdwarsstraat

In January 2022 the City of The Hague started a 'Resilience Streetlab', together with inhabitants of the Noorderbeekdwarsstraat and adjacent squares. This Resilience Streetlab aims to realise a more resilient Noorderbeekdwarsstraat. A resilient street is able to withstand any misfortunes in the future- and if something happens, overcome challenges and bounce back stronger than before!
15 October 2021

Digital ambassadors dedicate themselves to digital resilience of residents of The Hague

Since the start of the corona crisis, the number of cyber-attacks on companies and individuals has increased. Last year alone, more than 3,000 reports of cybercrime were made by residents and organisations in The Hague. During the National Safety and Security Week, residents and entrepreneurs will go into the neighbourhoods as 'digital ambassadors' to hang posters. Ambassador Guido: "I am happy that I can help my neighbours to increase their cyber resilience’’. In the weeks to come, many more posters are hung and the ambassadors will visit sports clubs, care homes and schools to hand out flyers. There are also plans to organise informative sessions at various schools.
13 July 2021

Monitoring report Resilience Strategy

The Hague’s Resilience Strategy was published in the spring of 2019. The Strategy describes the risks for The Hague, opportunities to deal with them in a resilient way and more than 40 new and existing initiatives that contribute significantly to the resilience of the city. The municipal organization is involved in most of these initiatives, but some are also examples from the city. The initiatives in which the municipality plays a role have been set up within existing portfolios and programmes. The Resilience Strategy mentioned the importance of monitoring the aforementioned risks and initiatives. This monitoring report provides for this.
5 July 2021

Residents of The Hague, municipality and police work together against digital crime in the neighborhood

Today, Mayor Jan van Zanen and alderman Saskia Bruines on behalf of the municipality of The Hague, and Paul van Musscher on behalf of the Police Unit The Hague, signed the covenant Digital Security in the District. This describes the cooperation that the municipality, the police and residents enter into to tackle digital crime in the neighbourhood. It is important to be resilient to this, especially now that this form of crime is increasing.
29 June 2021

2021 is the Year of The Roof in The Hague

This year the city of The Hague wants to maximise the sustainability potential of its rooftops. By showing citizens what is possible on their own rooftops ‘The Year of the Roof’ contributes to a climate and resilient city.
15 June 2021

An interview between Tina Comes (4TU.Resilience Engineering) and Anne-Marie Hitipeuw (City of The Hague) about resilience and the main challenges to address.

Our cities will face complex challenges such as social inequality, a rising sea level and cyber problems. The City of The Hague is collaborating with the 4TU Centre for Resilience Engineering to better prepare for the future. But what exactly is resilience, and what are the main challenges to address? How do you address these most efficiently? A conversation with two professionals: one from academia, and one from the City of The Hague.
21 April 2021

Municipality renews Resilient Cities Network membership

The Hague will continue to build its resilience in the coming years. The Municipality of The Hague is renewing its membership to the Resilient Cities Network (R-cities), started in 2013 as the 100 Resilient Cities network. This global network of 100 cities supports cities all over the world to prepare for the physical, social and economic shocks and stresses of the 21st century and to share knowledge about these challenges.
10 February 2021

Pilot "Resilient Fathers"

Recently, the pilot "Resilient Fathers" was completed. Under the guidance of a trainer, a group of fathers spoke 7 times with each other about all kinds of parenting issues, including derailment, alienation, radicalization and other forms of problematic behavior. The idea is that fathers strengthen each other with knowledge, skills and a network that can help them parenting their children. The pilot is an initiative from the The Hague Resilience Strategy and was carried out by Trias Pedagogica on behalf of the Municipality of The Hague.
25 January 2021

The Hague signes Joint Statement Accelerating Climate Adaptation in Cities

Cities and their growing populations are impacted by climate change on a daily basis. This was an important topic at the Climate Adaptation Summit 2021 (CAS 2021) which was held on 25, 26 January 2021 in the World Forum in The Hague. During the summit, the 1000 Cities Adapt now programme was presented. Mayor Aboutaleb proposed a Joint Statement to accelerate and scale climate adaptation worldwide on behalf of the cooperation partners during the international climate summit on the 25th of January. The Hague is one of the signees.
28 October 2020

The Hague signs City Deal Local Cyberresilience

On the 28th of October, the kick-off of the City Deal Local Cyberresilience took place. Deputy Mayor Saskia Bruines signed on behalf of The Hague. The City Deal is an alliance of 8 municipalities, 3 ministries, private partners and knowledge institutions who collaborate to support efforts to improve the cyberresilience of citizens and companies. Central to the City Deal are 18 bottom-up projects that the cities are currently implementing. The Hague participates with Cyberresilient Neighbourhoods, one of the projects from The Hague’s Resilience Strategy.
6 August 2020

Deputy Mayor Bredemeijer hands out waterbottles during the heatwave

It is going to be hot this week! To raise awareness of the risk of heat stress, Resilient The Hague cooperated with the Municipal Health Services, The Red Cross, the Care and Wellbeing department of the Municipality and Deputy Mayor Bredemeijer to hand out bottles of water in the neighbourhoods most vulnerable to high temperatures – the Urban Heat Island.
24 September 2020

Do you want to contribute to the digital resilience of your neighbourhood? Become a digital ambassador!

The Municipality of The Hague and the Police Unit The Hague are looking for the help of digital ambassadors. These ambassadors are residents who help to make information on (the prevention of) cybercrime and digitalized crime more accessible to their local network and neighbourhood. Digital safety has become increasingly important, especially with more and more people working from home during this pandemic. It means they spend more time online, being behind their computer, phone or tablet. This increases the risk of becoming a victim of digitalized crime, such as online fraud or fake web shops.
19 June 2020

The Hague active in the Global Resilient Cities Network

The Global Resilient Cities Network has done a great amount of work these past months. Not only was the renewed network launched in February, it also presented the Cities on the Frontline webinar series in cooperation with the World Bank and started the international coalition Cities for a Resilient Recovery (C2R). All of this, to increase collaboration, knowledge exchange and therewith urban resilience worldwide. Resilient The Hague is taking an active role in the network. “It’s a source of knowledge, experience and inspiration to support The Hague to become more resilient and futureproof and at the same time, we can also share our expertise to support other cities”, says Chief Resilience Officer Anne-Marie Hitipeuw.
12 May 2020

Chief Resilience Officers Launch Global Coalition: Cities for a Resilient Recovery

Cities for a Resilient Recovery (C2R) is a coalition of cities and resilience practitioners committed to taking leadership, to embedding resilience in recovery, and to supporting each other through the recovery planning process by sharing knowledge, providing subject matter expertise, and facilitating both individual and collective action.
14 April 2020

World Urban Forum – Launch Global Resilient Cities Network and The Hague in the panel on heat

At the press conference during the World Urban Forum, organised by UN Habitat, it was announced that the 100 Resilient Cities Network will continue as the Global Resilient Cities Network. The Chief Resilience Officer of The Hague was one of the panellists at the press conference and spoke about the added value of the network.
14 April 2020

Schilderswijk Well Prepared for Extreme Weather

On 12 december 2019, the first risk communication table took place during the weekly breakfast meetings in community centre the Mussen in the Schilderswijk (one of The Hague’s neighbourhoods).

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