28 October 2020

The Hague signs City Deal Local Cyberresilience

On the 28th of October, the kick-off of the City Deal Local Cyberresilience took place. Deputy Mayor Saskia Bruines signed on behalf of The Hague. The City Deal is an alliance of 8 municipalities, 3 ministries, private partners and knowledge institutions who collaborate to support efforts to improve the cyberresilience of citizens and companies. Central to the City Deal are 18 bottom-up projects that the cities are currently implementing. The Hague participates with Cyberresilient Neighbourhoods, one of the projects from The Hague’s Resilience Strategy.
6 August 2020

Deputy Mayor Bredemeijer hands out waterbottles during the heatwave

It is going to be hot this week! To raise awareness of the risk of heat stress, Resilient The Hague cooperated with the Municipal Health Services, The Red Cross, the Care and Wellbeing department of the Municipality and Deputy Mayor Bredemeijer to hand out bottles of water in the neighbourhoods most vulnerable to high temperatures – the Urban Heat Island.
24 September 2020

Do you want to contribute to the digital resilience of your neighbourhood? Become a digital ambassador!

The Municipality of The Hague and the Police Unit The Hague are looking for the help of digital ambassadors. These ambassadors are residents who help to make information on (the prevention of) cybercrime and digitalized crime more accessible to their local network and neighbourhood. Digital safety has become increasingly important, especially with more and more people working from home during this pandemic. It means they spend more time online, being behind their computer, phone or tablet. This increases the risk of becoming a victim of digitalized crime, such as online fraud or fake web shops.
19 June 2020

The Hague active in the Global Resilient Cities Network

The Global Resilient Cities Network has done a great amount of work these past months. Not only was the renewed network launched in February, it also presented the Cities on the Frontline webinar series in cooperation with the World Bank and started the international coalition Cities for a Resilient Recovery (C2R). All of this, to increase collaboration, knowledge exchange and therewith urban resilience worldwide. Resilient The Hague is taking an active role in the network. “It’s a source of knowledge, experience and inspiration to support The Hague to become more resilient and futureproof and at the same time, we can also share our expertise to support other cities”, says Chief Resilience Officer Anne-Marie Hitipeuw.
12 May 2020

Chief Resilience Officers Launch Global Coalition: Cities for a Resilient Recovery

Cities for a Resilient Recovery (C2R) is a coalition of cities and resilience practitioners committed to taking leadership, to embedding resilience in recovery, and to supporting each other through the recovery planning process by sharing knowledge, providing subject matter expertise, and facilitating both individual and collective action.
14 April 2020

World Urban Forum – Launch Global Resilient Cities Network and The Hague in the panel on heat

At the press conference during the World Urban Forum, organised by UN Habitat, it was announced that the 100 Resilient Cities Network will continue as the Global Resilient Cities Network. The Chief Resilience Officer of The Hague was one of the panellists at the press conference and spoke about the added value of the network.
14 April 2020

Schilderswijk Well Prepared for Extreme Weather

On 12 december 2019, the first risk communication table took place during the weekly breakfast meetings in community centre the Mussen in the Schilderswijk (one of The Hague’s neighbourhoods).

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