Unveiling mural at the end of the week of resilience at special education primary school de Bonte Vlinder in Segbroek

The Week of Resilience is concluded with a beautiful mural on the basketball court. The children had made drawings about the resilience we need to deal with global warming. The basketball court has now become a unique place, cheerful, playful and educational. Alderman Hilbert Bredemeijer and district director Annette de Graaf came to admire the artwork!

The stories and imaginative drawings have been used by an artist and formed into one logically sound design. The students describe their drawings; A serpent that has crawled out of the mountain. One tree that bends and breaks, while the other tree is resilient and continues to grow. A resilience doll, the sun can be very bright and you need sunglasses. Another student would like poppies to grow between the paving stones. We also see a bird, a king on a cloud, and another resilience doll. Another student wanted animals to live in the tree, so Mr. the owl has found his house. When a plant dies and water is added, it grows again, as can be seen from the two branches growing out of the tree trunk, a student explains. Because of the melting of the ice, waterfalls come from the mountains. And there is more to see on the beautiful mural. Would you like to see the mural too? This is possible from Kamerlingh Onnesplein in The Hague.

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