Resilience Streetlab: a resilient Noorderbeekdwarsstraat

In January 2022 the City of The Hague started a 'Resilience Streetlab', together with inhabitants of the Noorderbeekdwarsstraat and adjacent squares. This Resilience Streetlab aims to realise a more resilient Noorderbeekdwarsstraat. A resilient street is able to withstand any misfortunes in the future- and if something happens, overcome challenges and bounce back stronger than before!

In January 2022 the municipality of The Hague initiated a Resilience Streetlab. This Resilience Streetlab has the aim to work together with the residents of the Noorderbeekdwarsstraat to increase the resilience of the street. Resilience is the ability to resist any misfortunes in the future- and if something happens, overcome certain challenges and bounce back stronger than before!

A lot of residents of The Hague are already working on increasing resilience. For example:

  • a fire extinguisher to combat a fire;
  • candles for when there is a power failure;
  • residents or entrepreneurs who make a back-up of their computer in case something happens with their device.

However, the municipality also plays a key role in increasing the resilience of a street and the city as a whole. Streets need to be safe and able to withstand a ‘punch’. For example: after heavy rainfall we do not want a street that is flooded. A solution to prevent this is to plant trees, flowers and bushes. Next to water drainage they also ensure shade and cooling during hot and dry summers.

How to increase the resilience of a street?

Increasing the resilience of a street can be done in a variety of ways. However, the best way to increase the resilience of a street, area, or city is by doing it together. In collaboration with the police, fire department, schools, housing corporations, welfare workers, etc. This collaboration is going to take place in the Noorderbeekdwarsstraat. Together with these partners you will be able to increase the resilience in various themes. Themes such as: safety, climate, social, digital, etc.

Why the Noorderbeekdwarsstraat?

With residents young and old, entrepreneurs, private- and rental housing, two squares and a school the Noorderbeekdwarsstraat is an active and diverse street. Just like The Hague, yet smaller.And, on the corner of the street there a small space, a space which can be used for activities or for residents to meet each other. A place where we can collaborate with partners and where workshops can be had.

Working together!

The Resilience Streetlab will start immediately in the new year. In January the municipality will contact residents and entrepreneurs with the aim to hear how they would like to increase their resilience. Where are the risks and chances, and do they have ideas for their own street?

After the conversations, the municipality will take the lead to execute concrete interventions to increase the resilience of the street and its entrepreneurs and residents. In March, we will give the green light to execute the first interventions to increase the resilience of the Noorderbeekdwarsstraat!

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