Having a conversation together about urban resilience - March 3rd, 2022

As a city, we face many different and difficult challenges. Think of water and heat issues due to a changing climate, digital fraud and crime, rising energy costs and loneliness. All these challenges demand that we as residents, but also as a city, are resilient and can take a beating! But how do you do that?

But how do you do that, become resilient? And where do you start? To provide an answer to these questions, the Resilience program started a Streetlab in the Noorderbeekdwarsstraat. This street guarantees the diversity of the city, with a balanced mix of various facilities, proportion of owner-occupied and rented houses, origin and ethnicity of residents and various backgrounds. In short: The Hague in miniature. In the coming months we will be working in the street to increase resilience.

On March 3rd, Alderman Robert van Asten had a conversation with residents of the Noorderbeekdwarsstraat in Segbroek about this topic. Together with the Resilience program and the residents of the street they thought about how we could apply targeted interventions to tackle the challenges we face as a city. In particular, they looked at interventions that could tackle not just one challenge, but several challenges at once.

It was an interesting evening. And many interesting ideas were discussed. As Resilience program we are grateful for the efforts and involvement of the residents of the Noorderbeekdwarsstraat. On to a resilient Noorderbeekdwarsstraat! And on to a resilient The Hague!

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