Noorderbeekdwarsstraat moving together with the Resilience Streetlab

Cities across the planet have to deal with growing societal challenges, as does The Hague. Rising energy costs, a housing shortage, loneliness amongst the elderly, digital crime and weather extremes due to a changing climate. How do we keep our city liveable? To offer a solution to these problems, the city of The Hague is working on the ‘resilience’ of the city. This means the city wants to prevent any future challenges and setbacks, to overcome these challenges or adapt to them when it goes wrong. The Hague aims to so by treating the challenges that it is facing as part of one big challenge, involving the city’s inhabitants in the solution.

The upcoming month (May 2022) is the Kamerlingh Onnesplein in the Noorderbeekdwarsstraat the place to be for sport and movement activities which are organised for the residents of the neighbourhood. This exercise program is part of Resilient The Hague wherein the growing percentage of the world population living in big cities is of significant importance and relevance. This increase has a number of advantages but also carries its innate risks. If these possible disadvantages are not taken into consideration then repercussions can follow which will have a negative effect on the quality of life in the city. 

In movement 

The realization of an active and healthy society in which everyone participates is the mission of Haaglanden Beweegt which is the organization that will be present biweekly on the Kamerlingh Onnesplein for the entire month of May. Haaglanden Beweegt will offer a diverse sport and exercise program which is accessible for residents from the area, from young until old, which will take place every Monday from 19:30 to 21:00 and every Wednesday from 15:00-16:30. These free and open activities along with other components of the Resilient Program ensure the realization of a stronger, safer and more social city. The results of the pilot in the Noorderbeekdwarsstraat will be shared with a number of other cities such as New York, Paris, Kyoto, Jakarta and Rotterdam. More information regarding the Resilient Program is available on this website. 

Free Participation 

Participation in this diverse sport and activity program is completely free and signing up beforehand is unnecessary. On these Mondays in May: 9, 16, 23 and 30 from 19:30-21:00 is the Kamerlingh Onnesplein active and the following Wednesdays in May: 11, 18, 25 and June 1st from 15:00-16:30. The program in its entirety will be published on May 5th on this page. Furthermore, the program will also be shared on the social media channels from Haaglanden Beweegt.  

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