‘Breaking stones’ and greening The Hague

By reducing the amount of street tiles and trading them for plants, the city will be more robust against extreme weather events.

It also creates a more healthy living environment for the citizens of The Hague.

The Hague is a dense city with paved areas, 50 – 60% of which are privately owned. The City of The Hague encourages greening of these spaces through a range of initiatives, including participating in a nationwide project called Operatie Steenbreek. This project focuses on increasing the amount of green in the city by replacing street tiles with plants.

This is done during trading events and at street tile collection points throughout the city, at which street tiles are traded for free plants. Citizens, schools and companies are welcome to participate. Since the start of the project in 2015, 76,000 thousands street tiles have been collected.

The Hague aims to increase the impact of Operatie Steenbreek in our city to contribute to the green spaces in our city.

Operatie Steenbreek, DDH

City of The Hague: DSB, DSO

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