Getting everyone ready for the new economy

If there is one development thatcontinues to gather pace, it is the digitization of our society. While it can and will bring exciting new opportunities for the city, it also brings challenges, such as – digital security. We only can be prepared for the risks if we redeem the opportunities. We must ensure that the people, especially our youngest generation, and businesses of The Hague are ready for this transformation.


The Hague Cyber Resilience Community Platform

To ensure our communities and businesses’ preparedness for inevitable cyber attacks, this platform promotes sharing up-to-date information on cyber security and ensures that we reflect on and learn from past experiences.

Technical Innovation House

Bringing together the right tools and expertise under one roof to build 21st century skills.

Maker Education

Investing in 21st century skills like computational thinking prepares our youth to contribute to a future-proof economy.

Computer skills for elderly people

Elderly residents deserve extra attention so they can also enjoy the benefits offered by digitisation.

Living a long, healthy, and independent life

Emerging technologies can help elderly residents live healthier, more active and independent lives.

International Zone The Hague – Innovation in security

A testbed for innovative security techniques in the International Zone The Hague maintains the security of international organisations while improving the liveability of local residents.


Build digital skills and be ready for the new economy.


Increase the awareness of civil servants on digital security by playing a serious game!

Hack The Hague

Competition using ethical hackers to help make the digital infrastructure of the Municipality of The Hague more resilient.

Building a network of cyber resilient cities worldwide

An exchange platform between cities in the 100RC Network on cyber resilience.

Open Data Management Unit

Open data refers to presenting information in such a way that users can apply it directly and freely, in an 'open standard'. Open standard means that the information can be used for everyone without the need for a separate program.

Cyber security

Not participating in digitization is not an option for a modern community. But safety is a condition for success. A strong city is advised by people who know exactly what hacking is; one such person is Stan Hegt.

Preparing children for a digital future

Digital technology is becoming increasingly important. There are several successful initiatives that prepare the new generation for a digital economy. Building on these efforts, this initiative will explore how these inspiring projects can reach more children in The Hague.

Sunbathing on the smartest beach in the Netherlands

By being a ‘smart’ city, The Hague remains an attractive city to live and work. The Hague is on its way to become the smartest city in the Netherlands.

Citizen Alert Real Time (BART! 2.0)

BART! is a digital platform designed to connect police, citizens, and the municipality to create a safer living environment in Escamp and Ypenburg.

Smart City IoT Monitor

Taking action to reduce opportunities for cyber attacks on smart city infrastructure.

Mitigation of cyberattacks

Sharing good practices by creating a guide to mitigate cyberattacks.

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