Haagse Makkers (The Hague Buddies)

Using the power of volunteers, Haagse Makkers guides, empowers and encourages newcomers to fully participate in the city.

The Hague is home to several buddy networks that connect volunteers to people who could use some extra support. Buddy networks align perfectly with the principles of resilience because they enable residents to participate as independently as possible and contribute to an inclusive and connected society.

Haagse Makkers, an initiative by SamenHaags, is an example of a buddy network that specifically targets people that have immigrated from abroad. Newcomers can use an app that connects them to a Haagse Makker based on their profile and shared interests. The buddy introduces the newcomer to The Hague and to his or her own network. Getting familiar with the city goes hand in hand with practicing Dutch language skills.

By doing things together, speaking Dutch and getting to know the city, this initiative contributes to making newcomers feel at home.

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