Increasing the number of green roofs

The City of the Hague provides financial support for new green roofs.

Especially in a growing urban area such as The Hague, green roofs are an important tool for building climate-readiness. Green roofs help retain rainwater, save energy, improve amenity, regulate temperatures, and can increase the lifespan of roofs.

The Hague introduced a green roof subsidy in 2016. 77,000m² of green roofs have already been laid out in our city – that equates to greening of around 0.7% of the number of flat roofs available. A total surface of 11,243,705 m² of roof is still available (99.3%) for potential green roofs! The subsidy has recently been opened up to social housing cooperatives and a review into further extending the subsidy is currently underway.

City of The Hague: DSO, DSB



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