How do we make The Hague a resilient city?

Cities across the planet have to deal with growing societal challenges, as does The Hague. Rising energy costs, a housing shortage, loneliness amongst the elderly, digital crime and weather extremes due to a changing climate. How do we keep our city liveable? To offer a solution to these problems, the city of The Hague is working on the ‘resilience’ of the city. This means the city wants to prevent any future challenges and setbacks, to overcome these challenges or adapt to them when it goes wrong. The Hague aims to so by treating the challenges that it is facing as part of one big challenge, involving the city’s inhabitants in the solution.

To test this, the city of The Hague has started an experiment in the first months of 2022. This experiment is conducted together with the inhabitants of the Noorderbeekdwarsstraat in the area Segbroek. From making the streets greener, isolating houses and increasing digital resilience to the improvement of social connection amongst the citizens.

The Hague will share the results of this experiment with other cities such as New York, Paris, Kyoto, Jakarta and Rotterdam. These cities are, like The Hague, part of the ‘Resilient Cities Network’.

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