Pilot "Resilient Fathers"

Recently, the pilot "Resilient Fathers" was completed. Under the guidance of a trainer, a group of fathers spoke 7 times with each other about all kinds of parenting issues, including derailment, alienation, radicalization and other forms of problematic behavior. The idea is that fathers strengthen each other with knowledge, skills and a network that can help them parenting their children. The pilot is an initiative from the The Hague Resilience Strategy and was carried out by Trias Pedagogica on behalf of the Municipality of The Hague.

The International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) of the Erasmus University Rotterdam offered to carry out an unpaid plan evaluation. The aim of this plan evaluation was to investigate the extent to which scientific literature and experience with comparable interventions provide support for the assumed effect of the parenting debates.

Researchers Dr Naomi van Stapele and Olivia Bwalya conclude that the parenting debates can strengthen fathers and reduce a possible distance from the existing offer of parenting support. They call the the parenting debates a European frontrunner in parenting interventions when it comes to prevention of radicalization among young people with a migrant background and a low socio-economic status. The study makes several recommendations to further strengthen the structure of the parenting debates.

The evaluation can be used to further develop the parenting debates. Subject to the further course of the corona crisis, 3 new groups of fathers will start in 2021.

Link to full report. 

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