Computer skills for elderly people

Elderly residents deserve extra attention so they can also enjoy the benefits offered by digitisation.

Ensuring access to digital technology for all is a key ingredient for an inclusive society. Elderly residents deserve extra attention. This initiative empowers them with skills to enjoy the benefits offered by digitisation.

Elderly people are one of the most vulnerable groups in a digitalised society. Some find adapting to digital technology very difficult, placing them at a disadvantage and potentially cutting them off from valuable services.

The Central Library of The Hague, with the support of the MOOI foundation, offers two hour courses to help elderly people develop basic computer and technology-related skills. These courses are offered at a very low price. Participants learn how to use computers, tablets and apps to send emails, use various e-government services and to fill in online forms. The intention is to scale up the project and ensure that it is attractive and available to as many people as possible.

City of The Hague Library, MOOI foundation


When and how?
Interested in supporting this initiative? Resilient The Hague is looking for partners to help scale up the project.

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