Het Haags Verhaal

If you live in Benoordenhout, you often do not have a lot to do with Moerwijk. We tend to retreat to our own islands in the city. We never meet each other, but we often have our opinions ready. The foundation ‘Haags Verhaal’ (The Hague’s story) encourages people, their families and their communities to cross the borders of another world in their own city. To get to know each other better.

Haags Verhaal does this in a positive and inspiring way. In two years’ time, The Hague will be portrayed through 155 group photos. About 3000 residents will be in these photographs: from native to newcomer, from young to old, from high to low, from left to right, from easy to difficult. It will illustrate the pride and diversity of our city. All group photographs will eventually be published in a photobook and will be moving through The Hague as a travelling exposition in 2020.

Parallel to the group photos, Haags Verhaal organises story nights to not just grasp city in images, but also to get the city moving. During these nights, two communities are brought together which otherwise would not have met, even though they have something in common. This can be a shared hobby, sport, interest, craft or sharing a traditional, cultural or religious background, etc. The foundation looks for exciting combinations, such as a meeting between the Fathers Centre in Laak and Fraternity De Witte at het Plein. Or the women’s reading museum with the Dutch Carribean Book Club, Boxingclub at the Haagse Directe with a Tai Chi school and thriftstore Fahrenheit with the Venduehuis. On these nights two people from the communities tell their life story, using images and photo’s. The storynights are preferably organised 'inhouse' at one of the communities. As such, Haags Verhaal moves around The Hague as a travelling story circus.

For the duration of the project you can follow it via social media and new in the local media. Would you like to participate in Haags Verhaal? Either for a group photo or a storynight? Please contact           

Stichting Haags Verhaal

De Gheijnstraat 51

2562 NL Den Haag

mail@haagsverhaal.nl/06-22793176 (Astrid Feiter)

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