SOZA co-housing, co-living and co-working

With this innovative co-housing and co-working initiative, The Hague facilitates professional and social integration for young refugees.

Located in the former building of the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, SOZA offers an innovative form of co-housing for status holders (refugees with a permit to stay and work in the Netherlands), students, and young professionals. It also offers room for sports, social assistance, and social enterprises.

The aim is to create a unique environment where social initiatives, businesses and residents connect and create a vibrant community. Combined with tailored social support, this puts status holders in a good position to build their new lives and participate in The Hague’s society.

The SOZA building is an innovative public-private collaboration between the municipality of The Hague and VORM and MRP Development, two private real estate development companies.


MRPD, VORM, Municipality of The Hague: OCW, Gapph


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