Integrate resilience and climate adaptation into tender procedures

The decisions we make in projects now will have consequences for decades to come. Making climate adaptation part of every (re)development enables our built environment to become robust when faced with extreme weather.

With expected population growth, The Hague is facing a housing and redevelopment challenge. By including sustainable measures in new developments we have the opportunity to reduce the impact of heat stress, drought, extreme rainfall and soil degradation, as well as promote biodiversity. By addressing multiple shocks and stresses at once we make the city more resilient.

As a first step, The Hague has signed the Climate Adaptive Building Covenant of the Province of South Holland in October 2018. This Covenant brings stakeholders together to create a framework that includes climate adaptation requirements in procurement procedures. This to ensure measures are taken in every (re) development initiated by the city. This initiative ensures that climate adaptation measures are always included in the city’s procurement procedures.The Hague will be initiator in constructing, advocating and promoting the framework, bringing the relevant stakeholders together and facilitating knowledge and expertise sharing in order for the framework to benefit all stakeholders involved. We will draw on expertise and advice within The Hague, the Netherlands, and other cities in the 100RC Network.

Lead: Municipality of The Hague: DSO, DSB, RTH, CFO, CPO, SKI

Partners: PmDH, province of South Holland, Arcadis,

NEPROM, Housing cooperations

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