Support for citizens with complex problems

For complex and interrelated problems, the effectiveness of efforts is greater when services, teams and organizations work together.

A city is only as resilient as its most vulnerable people. The support of this group is broadly addressed, both by municipal services and teams and by other organizations in the city. Certainly with complex and interrelated problems, the effectiveness of these efforts is greater when services, teams and organizations work together.

Socioeconomic and psychosocial challenges are often interrelated and can severely compromise one’s health, ability to manage a household, finding and maintaining employment, studying, and maintaining relationships. This limits financial and social capability to participate in society on a day-to-day basis. Things become even more difficult when confronted with a major setback. In households in The Hague with children:

  • 24,000 families with socioeconomic problems
  • Almost 9,000 families where the parents have psychosocial problems
  • 7,500 families where the children have psychosocial problems.

Various municipal services and teams work with organisations in the city on solutions that ensure stability, improve well-being, increase self-reliance and increase the ability of people to participate in our society. Certainly in complex cases, support is most effective when these parties make a joint and coordinated effort. This is not only in the interest of people in need of help, but also has great value for the city as a whole.

Good steps have already been taken in The Hague to offer various types of support in an integral way. By making use of the resources of the 100RC network, such as experts, platform partners, and the experience of other cities, RTH is investigating the possibilities to further strengthen the cooperation between the various providers of care and support.

City of The Hague: OCW, SZW

Multiple partners like housing corporations, welfare organisations, schools, volunteer organisations, health care providers, local and national government.

When and how?
In 2019 the city will investigate new possibilities to further strengthen the support of residents with complex problems, for example by providing support to help more people and to attract new partners.



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