Citizen Alert Real Time (BART! 2.0)

BART! is a digital platform designed to connect police, citizens, and the municipality to create a safer living environment in Escamp and Ypenburg.

Today, many local residents communicate with each other via digital neighbourhood groups on WhatsApp, Facebook or special neighbourhood apps such as Next Door, Veilige Buurt, MijnBuur and Waaksamen. Local residents share information about liveability, crime, lost and found objects and other information that is relevant to the neighbourhood. BART! contributes to the ability of residentsto take action themselves and to work together on the liveability and safety of their neighbourhoods. When neighbourhood challenges cannot be solved by residents themselves, they can also use BART! to send messages, photos or video anonymously to the police or municipality. Additionally, the municipality and the police can also make use of the information that is being shared on the neighbourhood platforms. BART! uses algorithms to condense the vast amount of information in neighbourhood apps into manageable proportions. It supports municipal or police centralists to respond timely and effectively to solve neighbourhood issues that go beyond the field of influence of the residents. The municipality and police can also communicate with the group members.

Lead: National Police, Municipality of The Hague

Partners: TNO, CGI-Nederland and the Technology Investment Group NL.

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