Sunbathing on the smartest beach in the Netherlands

By being a ‘smart’ city, The Hague remains an attractive city to live and work. The Hague is on its way to become the smartest city in the Netherlands.

All over the world more and more people are moving to the city. This makes cities larger and more important, but it also means that the pressure on public facilities, infrastructure and the environment is increasing. This requires smart technological solutions. In The Hague, the Municipality, entrepreneurs, residents and knowledge institutes are working together to find solutions for improving accessibility, quality of life, safety and economic growth. By being a ‘smart’ city, The Hague remains an attractive city to live and work. “We have to invest now in smart use of ICT applications and the innovative capacity of the city. Not only to improve the quality of life and sustainability, but also to strengthen our competitive position”, explains Brian Benjamin, program manager Smart City of The Hague. “Smart requires a government that cooperates closely with all parties in the city.” The pilots and projects that are being set up make use of the latest technological developments in the field of mobile connectivity, the Cloud, Big Data, sensor technology, sustainable energy sources and new forms of transport. Read the interview (in Dutch) with Brian Benjamin on the website of Futureproof The Hague. Read more about the smartest beach in the Netherlands.

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