International Zone The Hague – Innovation in security

A testbed for innovative security techniques in the International Zone The Hague maintains the security of international organisations while improving the liveability of local residents.

The Hague is the fourth major centre for the United Nations after New York, Geneva and Vienna. In some of these cities the international district is isolated and remote from residential areas, but in the Hague it is located in a residential neighbourhood. Sometimes security measures required for major events can significantly affect accessibility and liveability. This happened during the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) in 2014, which led to establishment in 2015 of the Integral Area Security International Zone (IGIZ) innovation program. It has the aim of improving security in The Hague’s International Zone while maintaining an optimal balance between security, location, climate, quality of life and appearance. With its integrated and holistic approach, the programme creates a unique living lab where innovative security techniques and new partnerships can be trialled. Some examples include:

- Shared Security Information Platform (SSIP): Using a secure digital platform to share security information between stakeholders in the World Forum area via a secure information exchange platform.
- Eye and Ear experiment: Trialling video cameras with acoustic sensors for better en more efficient observation in the World Forum area;
- Web monitoring of World Forum area: Continuous monitoring of internet and social media to signal threats in time.

City of The Hague: Smart The Hague, DPS, Police unit of The Hague.

Europol, Eurojust, OPCW, IRMCT, RTH.

When and how?

  • The City will implement the initiated projects and will explore possibilities to link these initiatives to events happening in the International Zone.
  • Lessons will be shared across the 100RC Network

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