Urban Water Buffer

Innovation to tackle the challenges of flooding and secure the fresh water supply.

Our city is at risk from both too much and not enough water. We are aware of the increasing risk of rainfall flooding, but in the future we may also be prone to water shortages due to longer droughts. The necessary space for retention and infiltration of water in urban areas is usually scarce, which leads to costly solutions and/or conflicts with other above-ground functions.

Pilots with Urban Water Buffers in The Hague, Rotterdam and Rheden, will lead to a better understanding on how retaining more water in our urban areas can address flood risk and improve water supplies. The intention is that this initiative will lead to evidence-based interventions in future, making a positive contribution to resilience in The Hague and beyond. Further research is necessary on the pilot site in the Schilderswijk in The Hague.


HHD, City of The Hague: DSB, RTH, City of Rotterdam, Stowa

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