Preparing children for a digital future

Digital technology is becoming increasingly important. There are several successful initiatives that prepare the new generation for a digital economy. Building on these efforts, this initiative will explore how these inspiring projects can reach more children in The Hague.

The Hague has become a hub for innovative initiatives aimed at preparing younger generations for a rapidly evolving digital future. These projects bring together school children where they can learn new skills and experiment together. The overall aim is to help children to become enterprising, creative and socially involved citizens who will be the future safeguards of the resilience of our city. It is essential that these initiatives reach many more children from The Hague. CoderDojo is a non-profit global movement, set up in Ireland by James Whelton and Bill Liao. It brings together 5-17 year old children who are taken through the steps of programming and app making by volunteer mentors. FutureMindz has been designed and realised togetherwith the schools and the Municipality of the Hague. This initiative provides design and guidance for a customisable series of lessons on gamification and 21st century skills. This includes activities such as drone races, a two-day team activity to solve cyber-related problems and a skills camp where children can play with the latest technologies in a team.

Lead: Municipality of The Hague: OCW, DSO, RTH

Partner: CoderDojo, FutureMindz, primary schools and many others

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