More green in the city for climate adaptation

In The Hague we constantly work on becoming climate ready: making sure that climate change effects such as heavy rain, drought and heat periods can be tackled.

“The Hague, Amsterdam and Rotterdam are one of the first cities that use the 3Di model for their water-management of sewerage network. Development of this innovation was supported by the municipality.In the past we could only know where water would breach the network through models or by going outside to see flooded streets when there was very heavy rainfall. With 3Di we can calculate in a more precise manner how and where water from the sewers flows over the ‘Malieveld’ , as well as predicting how much inconvenience heavy rainfall will cause”– Marcel Tirion, Arthur Hagen en Arno Lammers of the municipality of The Hague discuss the process, results and plans on the website van Nederand MVO.[in Dutch].

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