Technical Innovation House

Bringing together the right tools and expertise under one roof to build 21st century skills.

The Technical Innovation House (TIH) works together with students and the business community to help young people keep up with fast-emerging innovations. Within this project, students develop skills that link to virtual reality, robotisation, 3D printing and ‘serious gaming’. Students apply their knowledge and skills to real case studies. The project also offers companies a chance to use thinking power of young students to address their current challenges.

TIH is itself an innovative building equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. It combines the resources of four departments of ROC Mondriaan: Technology and ICT; Construction and Infrastructure; Metal, Electrical and Installations, and Automotive and Mobility.

The TIH also is a place where students are trained on new technologies by experts from the private sector and ROC Mondriaan. This initiative is focused on secondary education, although it may be expanded to primary education as well.

City of The Hague: OCW, ROC Mondriaan, local companies and start-ups. Funded by the Ministry of Education Culture and Science.

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