10 simple things you can do right now to become more resilient

A resilient city is a strong city

A strong city can take a beating and stand tall if things don’t go to plan. It all starts with resilient people who live pleasantly and safely in healthy neighborhoods. Together, the neighborhoods form a strong and just city. Because many of the challenges we face, such as the effects of climate change, the new digital economy and social resilience, do not stop at the boundaries of our municipality, we work together in our region and beyond. Resilient The Hague wants The Hague to cope with the challenges that await us. This website gives a bird's eye view of a number of interesting initiatives that increase the resilience of our city and wants to inspire as many residents of The Hague as possible to share his or her ideas with us.

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24 September 2020

Do you want to contribute to the digital resilience of your neighbourhood? Become a digital ambassador!

The Municipality of The Hague and the Police Unit The Hague are looking for the help of digital ambassadors. These ambassadors are residents who help to make information on (the prevention of) cybercrime and digitalized crime more accessible to their local network and neighbourhood. Digital safety has become increasingly important, especially with more and more people working from home during this pandemic. It means they spend more time online, being behind their computer, phone or tablet. This increases the risk of becoming a victim of digitalized crime, such as online fraud or fake web shops.
19 June 2020

The Hague active in the Global Resilient Cities Network

The Global Resilient Cities Network has done a great amount of work these past months. Not only was the renewed network launched in February, it also presented the Cities on the Frontline webinar series in cooperation with the World Bank and started the international coalition Cities for a Resilient Recovery (C2R). All of this, to increase collaboration, knowledge exchange and therewith urban resilience worldwide. Resilient The Hague is taking an active role in the network. “It’s a source of knowledge, experience and inspiration to support The Hague to become more resilient and futureproof and at the same time, we can also share our expertise to support other cities”, says Chief Resilience Officer Anne-Marie Hitipeuw.
12 May 2020

Chief Resilience Officers Launch Global Coalition: Cities for a Resilient Recovery

Cities for a Resilient Recovery (C2R) is a coalition of cities and resilience practitioners committed to taking leadership, to embedding resilience in recovery, and to supporting each other through the recovery planning process by sharing knowledge, providing subject matter expertise, and facilitating both individual and collective action.

Ensuring a connected and inclusive society

The Hague is a city that shows itself on the world stage, promoting values such as justice, peace and security. In order to make our city strong and more resilient, we must pay attention to current and new social issues. This requires an integrated approach with regard to policy on the physical environment, such as housing, mobility and public space. Social policy on youth, the elderly, welfare and education is just as important. Fortunately, there are already many initiatives that underline the importance of this and have started delivering outcomes.

It's also important that citizens understand key risks and how to respond is crucial for resilience. By promoting risk-aware behaviours such as contingency planning and checking on neighours, citizens and businesses become better equipped to help themselves and each other.


Resilience training for the municipality of The Hague

The Hague and Rotterdam jointly developed a resilience training for professionals. The resilience teams of The Hague and Rotterdam are pushing hard to boost the resilience of their cities and region. In order to have more impact, it is important that resilience ideas and methods are embraced by the entire municipal organization and also by external parties througout our cities. That is why The Hague and Rotterdam, following the example of Melbourne, have designed a resilience training for professionals to embed resilience thinking into their everyday work.

10 simple things you can do right now to become more resilient

Support for citizens with complex problems

For complex and interrelated problems, the effectiveness of efforts is greater when services, teams and organizations work together.

School of Shapers

The impact of volunteers and professionals from The Hague can be increased by bringing them together and offering a training program that creates connections.

Haagse Makkers (The Hague Buddies)

Using the power of volunteers, Haagse Makkers guides, empowers and encourages newcomers to fully participate in the city.

Debt Lab 070 (Schuldenlab 070)

‘It takes a city to solve debt’. Building residents’ financial and social resources to improve quality of life and adaptability to shocks and stresses.

Weekend and Summer Schools

By promoting equality of opportunity, weekend and summer schools help to unlock all the potential in our youth.

Resilient Southwest: public transportation as an accelerators for neighbourhood development

How can a fast public transportation corridor improve the connection of Southwest to the city and region and contribute to a resilient Southwest?.

SOZA co-housing, co-living and co-working

With this innovative co-housing and co-working initiative, The Hague facilitates professional and social integration for young refugees.

Resto VanHarte

A great recipe for a more cohesive neighbourhood!

The Schilderswijk Mothers

Reaching out to isolated women: inclusivity in action.

Peaceful Neighbourhood project

Expanding a successful school programme into neighbourhoods

Social internship programme for new police officers (Culturele Wasstraat)

An innovative programme that helps police officers build relationships with their community.

The Hague Economic Intervention Team (HEIT)

Subversive crime weakens the foundations of our society. The Hague responds with an integrated approach.

Training municipal enforcement officers to pre-empt criminal behaviour

Training municipal enforcement officers on a new methodology that helps them detect and react to suspicious behaviour.

Enhancing our Social Return on Investment policies on public procurement

By enhancing our Social Return on Investment policies on public procurement, we can boost the business climate for social enterprises in our region,

Community Centre De Mussen

Thanks to his mentor, Mohamed got a position at the municipality of The Hague. Now he is manager at Community Centre De Mussen. It all starts with confidence.

Het Haags Verhaal

If you live in Benoordenhout, you often do not have a lot to do with Moerwijk. We tend to retreat to our own islands in the city. We never meet each other, but we often have our opinions ready. The foundation ‘Haags Verhaal’ (The Hague’s story) encourages people, their families and their communities to cross the borders of another world in their own city. To get to know each other better.

Exploring how we can help fathers signal, prevent and counter radicalisation

Building on lessons learned from successful programmes in our city, this initiative explores how fathers can be part of the collective effort to prevent radicalisation.

Citizen Alert Real Time (BART! 2.0)

BART! is a digital platform designed to connect police, citizens, and the municipality to create a safer living environment in Escamp and Ypenburg.

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