The sun shines for ADO

A resilient city is a strong city

A strong city can take a beating and stand tall if things don’t go to plan. Being ready to withstand and bounce back better from acute shocks (e.g. floods) and stresses (e.g. flooding, unemployment) is what makes a strong, resilient city.

People who take action are the people who make a strong, resilient city. This is exactly what Resilient The Hague wants to achieve. The Hague wants to be ready for the challenges that await us, such as climate change or digital security. This website introduces a number of interesting initiatives and we want to inspire as many people in The Hague as possible to share their ideas with us.

Our themes

Strong and Sustainable

There is consensus among the scientific community that our planet is warming and sea levels are rising – as a City we have been addressing these challenges in many ways. As a citizen or entrepreneur of The Hague you can contribute to making the city more sustainable and resilient to the effects of a changing climate. An example is the football stadium of ADO with its solar panels, or the religious institutions who are discussing the different ways to become more sustainable.


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